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RockShox Reba RL Horquilla 26" 100mm Solo Air Straight 9mm QR Axle 40mm, negro

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Recorrido de suspensión
Recorrido de suspensión
100 mm
Apropiado para el tamaño de la rueda
Apropiado para el tamaño de la rueda
Diámetro del tubo de dirección
Diámetro del tubo de dirección
1 1/8
Diámetro del eje
Diámetro del eje
Anchura de montaje del eje
Anchura de montaje del eje
100 mm
Tipos de Frenos
Tipos de Frenos
Disc (Post Mount)


RockShox Reba RL Horquilla 26" 100mm Solo Air Straight 9mm QR Axle 40mm, negro (black)

The Reba is no prima donna. Although it is equipped with a range of race-ready technologies, this cross-country fork doesn't need the prospect of a podium finish to give it its all. It expects to be ridden every day. And that's exactly what you'll want to do once you've experienced its superior versatility. From quad climbs to grin-inducing descents, the Reba is the ultimate trail warrior for everyday use.

Sag Gradients
If you don't adjust your damping properly, you might as well be riding someone else's bike. But why waste plastic clips or rulers to adjust the suspension all the time? The damping markings are printed directly on the standpipes of the suspension fork and the shock housing for easy and accurate setup of the perfect suspension. So you can give the plastic clip and ruler back to your mum.

BOOST is a new wheel and drivetrain specification that offers improved frame geometry with shorter chainstays, wider and stiffer suspension, a greater number of chainring options, more clearance for wider tyres and increased wheel stiffness and robustness.

Solo Air
Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. Its clarified design allows the positive and negative air chambers of your suspension forks to be filled with air simultaneously via just one autovalve. Thus, there is a perfect balance between them, like yin and yang. For a comfortable and predictable ride, you can adjust the lightest suspension fork on the market in seconds.

Torque Caps
Torque Caps strengthen the connection between the hub and the fork dropout by increasing the surface area that connects the two. This creates a stronger and stiffer interface with better feedback and control. This allows you to focus on the most important connection: The one between your bike and the trail.


  • Offset: 40 mm
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Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC
Rebote ajustable, Nivel de presion ajustable
Horquilla de suspensión
Apropiado para el tamaño de la rueda:
Diámetro del tubo de dirección:
1 1/8
Tipo de eje:
Eje pasante QR
Diámetro del eje:
Anchura de montaje del eje:
100 mm
Recorrido de suspensión:
100 mm
Sistema de suspensión
Aceite / aire
Soporte de frenos
Tipos de Frenos:
Disc (Post Mount)
Tubo de dirección:
1620 g
Año del modelo
Producto número

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