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Nuevas Bicis 2019 - Los nuevos rostros del año
DT Swiss

DT Swiss H 1950 Classic - Center Lock 142/12mm TA Shimano 29" negro (2019)

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Descripción del producto

Lo sentimos mucho, pero lamentablemente no contamos con un texto en español por el momento.

A mountain bike has to be fun for both climbing and downhill. The H 1950 SPLINE Classic is the perfect wheel for both purposes. Since eMTBs allow the driver to pack many mountains into one ride, reliability is critical. Weight is also a concern, because mountain biking should be fun. The H 1950 SPLINE Classic meets both requirements. Thanks to their unsurpassed wheel-building know-how and industry-leading test procedures, DT Swiss are able to spec their wheels in such a way that they are precisely matched to the intended field of application. And this is exactly what the developers at DT Swiss have done with this wheel. All you have to do it ride.

Hybrid hubs have oversized housings with increased wall thickness, are equipped with heavy duty axles and have extra reinforced spoke holders. In addition, they are equipped with new 24T ratchets made of hardened steel as well as oversized bearings and steel rotors. Thanks to these clever features, DT Swiss achieves a permissible maximum system weight of 150 kg with only minimal weight gain compared to a standard MTB hub. The result is a jewel of a hub that can handle the highest torques, offers direct propulsion and, combined with the other HYBRID components, results in extremely robust wheels.

24T Ratchets
Hardened 24T steel ratchets ensure ultimate durability, have a small pressure angle and thus guarantee a crisp ride feel.

All ball bearings in the hubs are oversized to withstand the high loads and run perfectly under the toughest conditions.

To cope with the high torques generated by modern eMTB drives, all hybrid freewheel bodies are made of steel. Available in both Shimano and SRAM XD versions, they are an extremely durable mounting point for any cassette.

HYBRID spokes
To complete the hybrid system, DT Swiss needed spokes that could not only withstand the higher weight and torque of a modern eMTB, but also fitted perfectly to the oversized spoke holders of the hubs. The specially designed spokes have reinforced and oversized Straight Pull spoke heads which, together with the DT Pro Lock Squorx nipples, ensure that all the power you transfer to the hubs is translated into forward movement. Disregarded by many, specifically developed by DT Swiss: hybrid spokes, which are made for this new way of cycling.

Lots of climbing and descending on an eMTB can be very tough on the rims. The DT Swiss Hybrid rims feature load-optimised cross-sections and are approved for a system weight of 150 kg. In order to create a super stable, eMTB specific rim, the developers have increased the strength and material thickness where it makes sense. Available in various widths, you are sure to find the right model for your riding style and terrain. Made for the harder, faster and more ambitious biking of the future. Hybrid wheels from DT Swiss have higher wall thicknesses and are approved for a system weight of 150 kg.

DT pro lock technology
The screw locking system injected into the nipples enables the construction of extremely durable impellers. DT pro lock nipples prevent the spoke-nipple connection from loosening automatically. The integrated, patented screw locking system in the nipple thread is based on a two-component adhesive. As soon as the nipples are screwed in, an adhesive is activated which cures completely at room temperature after approx. 6 - 7 hours. If necessary, the wheel can be used immediately after assembly. Multiple re-centering is possible without any problems. However, the adhesive strength decreases slightly with each re-centering.

TUBELESS Technology
Tubeless tyres offer some key advantages over the conventional combination of tyre and inner tube.

No special tools
No special tools are required for normal maintenance

Información adicional
basado en la Spline 350, rueda libre con estructura de acero con 24T Rachet para Shimano
Diseñado para E-Bikes
Sistema de Eje
Rueda trasera 12x142  mm
Tipo de Eje
Eje oscilante  
Material: Aluminio
Diseño: Cámara hueca, doble
Altura de perfil: bajo (< 30mm)
tipo de cubiertas: con alambre/clincher
Sistema de frenos: Freno de disco
Perforación de la válvula: 6,5 mm mm
compatible Tubeless:
Anchura: 30 mm
anchura interior: 25 mm
Tamaño: 29 Pulgadas
ETRTO (ancho x diámetro): 622 x 25 mm
Características: Con indicador de desgaste de frenos
Buje trasero
Anchura de extendido: 142 mm
Diámetro del eje: 12 mm
Tipo de piñones: Shimano/ SRAM cassette
Número de marchas: 11
Características: Sellado, Para eje pasante, Rodamiento de bolas
Modelo: Radios de curvatura en J específicos de HYBRID con boquillas de escuadrado DT Pro Lock Squorx
Radios: 3 Velocidades cruzado
Rueda delantera
Fabricado para tipo de frenos: ---  
Rueda trasera
Fabricado para tipo de frenos: Freno de disco Center Lock
Peso: 1166 g
Juego de ruedas
Carga total máxima: 150  kg
Contenido: 1 DT Swiss H 1950 Spline Classic rueda trasera 29" Hybrid 30 mm incl. cinta para llantas tubeless 27 mm, válvula tubeless 32 mm, adaptador IS 6-agujeros, 5 mm QR-Kit  
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